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Welcome to Hart To Hart

Hart to Hart began as a boutique business that was developed to offer an alternative model of care based on choice, respect and innovation. Hart to Hart provides a flexible, supportive and individualised service through a team of qualified, dedicated and caring professionals. We share a goal to improve the lives of those who choose our services. We strive to be recognised as industry leaders.

We are a registered NDIS provider in Victoria and Northern Territory. We are also able to work with plan managers in Sydney, Central Coast & Lower Hunter Valley.


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Quality with Hart to Hart

On the 1 July 2018 the NDIS Quality and safeguarding commission came into being. Quality is – always has – and always will be – the Heart of Hart to Hart.

Hart to Hart is quality and informs all of our services and is the very essence our business. Hart to Hart adds value and quality to our service delivery by considering the service provider landscape, community and mainstream (Government services) supports to enhance quality outcomes with our customers. 

Quality is as unique and individual as each customer. Measures of quality are many and varied at Hart to Hart. Quality can be the exchange of information, quality may include the environment within which we offer support to you and, crucially, quality will be measured in the outcomes you achieve with the supports you choose. Capacity building, confidence and skills are all measures of quality. Kindness, professionalism and care also all matter in the Hart to Hart measure of quality.

At Hart to Hart, it is our quality that sets us apart. From your first encounter with Hart to Hart, you will be met by our qualified and professional administration team to welcome you to our service. You will then meet our qualified and professional care team who aim to support you to the highest standards so that you develop greater confidence, skills and independence in your life. 

Hart to Hart invest in quality equipment, processes and constantly up skill through training, workshops and striving to excel industry standards. 


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Hart and Soul

Each person has different values that they hold dearly to reflect the essence of who they are. Businesses also have values and beliefs that inform their processes. These blogs are a way for Hart to Hart to share our work and our difference with you.

Hart to Hart values, models and lives courage each day in every way.

We know for many people engaging a new service in a new system takes courage. We have learned that for people to share their stories, their histories and their goals takes courage. We live courage because we know on the other side of courage is growth, success and self-esteem. Through courage we learn the resilience to stand a little straighter after a challenge, to grow a bit wiser from experiences and to have the courage to celebrate the achievement of a goal. Through courage we learn the pride to say: I did it!

Hart to Hart began from the vision, passion, courage and work of a family. It has now grown and extended to reflect the community and individual needs of the many people, ideas and successes we have met along our shared journey.

As our business has grown so has our vision and our understanding of the needs of people who choose our services.

At Hart to Hart we listen, we adapt, we grow. We live, breathe and work with courage. While we will ever extend our professionalism and improve our services, we will always nurture the soul of the business. At Hart to Hart we know the soul of the business is YOU: the people who together make up the Hart to Hart way. We share your successes and we support you to build your skills, confidence and capacities.

At essence Hart to Hart is about courage, service and care.

Hart to Hart places YOU at the centre of all that we do. We will only recruit skilled, experienced professionals to support you while recognising the true expert is always created by experience. We value you, our staff and our business.

Hart to Hart is all about HEART!

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Hart to Hart is committed to embracing diversity and the inclusion of all people.

Hart to Hart is dedicated to creating safer support environments with and for all in the LGBTQI community.

Hart to Hart acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which together we all live and work. Hart to Hart acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and emerging leaders as the traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation.

Hart to Hart supports the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our work.

We live and believe: Equality for all.