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Signs Your Family Needs Professional Counselling

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12/03/2021 12:47 PM
Going through a rough patch in life at some point is a rite of passage that nobody can escape, no matter how much they wish to do so. Suffering from emotional distress or mental anguish is just part...

If you are depressed, seek help as it also makes others sad who care about you

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12/02/2021 11:20 AM
Depression is not a new mental disorder. It goes back to Mesopotamian times when it was commonly known as “melancholia.” Today, depression is on the rise as it continues to affect men and women of...

Be Careful About Whom You Share Your Problems With

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14/01/2021 14:37 PM
Everyone has their fair share of difficulties and problems in life. It is not easy to figure out your own problems at times, and you might feel the need to vent out your feelings or share your issues...