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If you are depressed, seek help as it also makes others sad who care about you

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11:20 AM

Depression is not a new mental disorder. It goes back to Mesopotamian times when it was commonly known as “melancholia.” Today, depression is on the rise as it continues to affect men and women of different ages. A common misconception of depression is that just because someone is sad or weak, they are depressed. People also believe that depression cannot be cured. Both of these statements are untrue.

With the correct treatment, feelings of depression can be alleviated. Even though it may seem impossible to explain how you feel inside to someone, it is important to seek help. Remember, the paths to recovery are endless. Even though speaking to loved ones and being around the people you care about may help with depression, it is important to realise that people can be influenced by the energy you give out. To ensure that your loved ones do not get too sad while seeing you suffering, make sure to seek professional help.

How to Deal with Depression

Talking to a professional about your depression is the first step to healing. Even though discussing feelings and identifying triggers may feel difficult, it is a step in the correct direction. Whenever you feel ready, here are some things to keep in mind:

1.    Accept That You Have a Problem

There are loads of stigmas and misunderstandings attached to mental illnesses. People do not treat them as realities or are afraid to open up.

The first step to talking about a problem is accepting and recognising it. Notice your behaviour patterns. Maintain a mood diary if you must. If you see a repetitive behaviour or emotional pattern, it may be time to seek help.

2.    Find Someone You Feel Comfortable Around

There are loads of doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists available who might be able to help you with your journey through depression. However, if you want to see progress, you must find someone you are personally comfortable sharing your thoughts and emotions around.

If the energies do not match, it is okay to find a better option. As long as you can be open about your symptoms without feeling judged or pressured, you will be fine.

3.    Give Yourself Some Credit

When dealing with depression, it is easy to disregard or not recognise the little progress that you might have made. Procrastination, negative self-talk, and never feeling enough are all side effects of depression. However, you must take some time to allow yourself to feel joy at how far you have come.

Another way is to do something nice for someone. Studies prove that the best way to feel good about yourself is to make someone else smile. Regardless of how small or big, make it a habit to make one person smile each day.

Dealing with depression is hard. Remember not to give up and to stay hopeful. You are made to do extraordinary things in life.