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Nothing Is Perfect, You Will Learn From the Hard Times and Discover Yourself

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11:37 AM

One of the greatest and most essential endeavours of our lives is discovering who we are and realising that nothing and nobody is perfect, not even you. Yet, most of us walk around listening to the inner critic within us that gives all sorts of wrong ideas about life and ourselves.

We mistakenly believe that self-understanding is more like -self-indulgence and is considered morally wrong. We are here to tell you that this is not true.

Nothing is perfect, and sooner or later, you will learn from the hard times and discover yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Accept Your Past

More often than ever, many individuals face the challenges of accepting their past actions and mistakes and owning them. To discover who we are and how to get through hard times, we need to make peace with our past. Willing to explore, understand, and accept your past is an important stepping stone for finding peace and inner happiness. More importantly, it would help if you learned to forgive yourself because your life cannot be completely perfect or ideal. Once you learn to accept your past, you will eventually learn to get yourself the way you are.

Recognise What Helps Us During Stressful Times

Some people believe that hanging out with your friends, sharing some drinks and stories will make them feel better. While this is not a bad solution, it is important to have good friends you can talk to. For some people, being surrounded by others may be the best way, while for others, taking some time off and giving yourself time can do wonders. It would be best if you also discovered what’s dragging you down and what’s lifting you. For instance, if a weekly family dinner is nurturing and supportive, go for it. But if it is toxic and unhealthy, feel free to avoid it.

Learn How to Focus

Getting focused in life is a skill that most of us need to master. At times we tend to spend too much of our time over social media and texting, ignoring the important tasks at hand. This causes us to lose focus and track of time, which leads to additional delays and stress. Once you establish priority in life, you will understand and see things more clearly. You will give more attention to things that matter rather than ponder over stuff that puts you off. Most importantly, you will find the motivation you’ve been lacking.

Don’t Expect Too Much.

Having expectations is human nature. If you don’t have any expectations in your life, you are probably not living. However, do not create an idealised image in your mind about how things should be. For instance, having positive expectations about starting a new job is great, but expecting every single thing to be according to your wishes and demands is over-expecting. When these expectations are not met, we tend to get disappointed and believe that nothing ever goes right in our lives.

Hard times can be different for every individual. What one person describes as a difficult time in life may not seem so difficult to another person. Therefore, it is important to seek counselling and treatment to understand that nothing is perfect for anyone.

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